Project Delivery 1

Luis Eduardo Núñez Altamirano A01633894

Carlos Ernesto López Solano A01633683

Alan Ricardo González Aguilar A01633872

Team: Beaver River

Project: Scheduling Management System (SMS) for the EIAD


  • Diego Ávalos de la Torre
  • Alejandro Gallegos

Use cases first attempt.

A general description of the problem that this system will attempt to solve.

When a student has projects or activities which need a laboratory or room, or the equipment in it, the process to book the laboratories and/or the equipment is very complicated. It is a real problem to fill the form and print it correctly because of the many mistakes one can make, and if you did something wrong you have to repeat the process from scratch.

Once you have the form filled correctly, the next step is to go find the person in charge (Diego or Alejandro Gallegos) and give them the printed form, but most of the time they are busy in class or with other activities, so it’s difficult and time wasting for the student to find them and for the administrators to give authorization to all the forms at all times. This is a stressful and very inefficient system, and we must improve it.

The idea of our project is to simplify the process by using a management software which will validate the entries of the user and help the administrator authorize them in a quicker manner. It will work with four different users:

  • Administrator
  • Guard
  • Administrative
  • Student

With this new tool, the student or administrative will be able to select the time that (s)he wants to book the laboratory and if it’s available, as well as the equipment to use, and the form will be automatically send to the administrator who will authorize or denegate the request. Also, the guard will be able to check the bookings and see full log of who has used the lab and who should be able to use in the future.

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