Entrega Proyecto 2 (NO ES UN BLOG)

Project Delivery 2

Luis Eduardo Núñez Altamirano A01633894

Carlos Ernesto López Solano A01633683

Alan Ricardo González Aguilar A01633872

Team: Beaver River

Project: Scheduling Management System (SMS) for the EIAD

  • What did you learn about the project with these interviews?

We learn the requirements of the project. In the interviews we discuss with Diego and Alejandro about what is exactly what they want, and they explained to us the way you can schedule the laboratories, and why it’s not efficient. 

  • What did you learn about the process of interviewing?

To ask the right questions. Sometimes as we interview we tend to focus on the bigger things or the abstract necessities of the stakeholders, but we forget about the little details (that matter the most) and the specifications that the stakeholders may have forgotten to take in account. Also, we as developers need to take in consideration that the stakeholders may not know (which is the usual) the whole process of creating the final product and what it could take to achieve it (in terms of difficulty, complexity, resources, among others), and hence they won’t get too technical with the details leaving too much room for error and ambiguity. In other words, they might as well tell us (the developers) “I want to have X on my project” but won’t know how much work, resources and time is needed to accomplish it.

Because of this, we need to excel in the design and planning stages to be aware of the technical details required to accomplish the feats of the project, and to ask the stakeholders if it’s possible to designate such resources to the process.

  • If you did more than one interview, how did you change for the other interview(s)?

At the moment, we have not do any more interviews. Mainly because the first one gave us all the information that we need for the moment, and also because we have a lot of freedom with the design, limits and validation of the project, hence we think we can ask the needed questions as we work.

  • If you did another interview now, what would you change about the process?

We would focus more to the software limitations and validation requirements, because that is the most time consuming part of the interview and the most important part of the whole project

  • What do your use cases look like now? Did you have to remove some, change some, add some?

At the moment, they didn’t have to change at all. 

If you have any work on class diagrams or database ER diagrams, include those as well.

At the moment, we do not have any.

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