Who am I?

I’m a Junior Software Engineering from Mexico

Why I do post?

  • I like to discuss new topics with people so we can grow our knowledge.
  • Helps me to think about what I have learn a how to apply it.
  • Is not at all because professor Ken told me to do it (But I like the idea tbh).

What have I done? (Is really not much)

  • My main language is Java, I have been using it for about one year. One year is probably a lot if you know that I have been coding for only two years.
  • I have work with Python, HTML, CSS, JS, React and JSP. And I just started with C this week.
  • I did Android apps for Arduinos projects, I know there is a lot of people who loves Arduino but my experiences have been really bad so I’m not a fan of Arduino.
  • I was a CodeU student this year, CodeU is a Google Students program in which you develop a WebApp in 10 weeks, here is where I worked with JSP and a lot of Google APIs.

English is not my native language and I’m not an expert so if you see something weirdly written I apologise for that, you really can’t trust Google Translate.

I’M NOT AN EXPERT, remember everything I write here is from what I learn in class so if you see a talk about something in the wrong way let me know, we will discuss it and I may change it giving credits to the ones who told me.

I always like to met new people, my hobbies are playing videogames (A LOT), coding, hanging out with friends and watching Netflix or Anime.

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